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About Dalian Jiaotong University

Dalian Jiaotong University was founded in 1956 as Dalian Railway Vehicle Manufacturing School.  In 1958, it was upgraded to be Dalian Railway Institute subordinated to the then Ministry of Railways.  In February, 2000, it was put under the administration of the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, and carried out the management system of “being co-constructed by the central and local authorities, while mainly managed by the local authorities”.  The University got its current name with the approval of the Ministry of Education in May 2004, and became an institution of higher education featuring railway transports and interdisciplinary software talents cultivation.

The University covers an area of 862,000 square meters, and consists of two campuses in Shahekou and Lushunkou Districts of Dalian. The building area of schoolhouses totals 555,000 square meters, with teaching instruments and equipment valued at RMB260 million Yuan. The university library covers a construction area of 43,000 square meters, for the possession of 1,402,321 volumes of document resources, and 22247 kinds of Chinese & foreign electronic journals.

The University has a Graduate School and 13 secondary schools to award bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees.

There are 2 mobile post-doctoral research stations for first-level disciplines, 2 doctor programs for first-level disciplines, 7 doctor programs for second-level disciplines, 12 master programs for first-level disciplines, 44 master programs for second-level disciplines, 9 fields for engineering masters, and 2 majors of master degrees for university teachers.

The University has 3 first-level key disciplines in the province, which are Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Transportation Engineering, and covers 12 second-level disciplines. The University offers 51 undergraduate majors involving 7 categories, which are Engineering, Management Science, Natural Science, Literature, Economics, Laws and Arts. Business Administration, Software Engineering and Computer Science & Technology are entitled to award the second bachelor’s degrees. There are 9 state-level and provincial-level key construction majors, which are Mechanical Engineering, Material Formation and Control Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Environmental Engineering, and Measurement Control Technology and Instruments. Vehicle Engineering is a training base for undergraduate talents short of supply in Liaoning province. The University has the rights to recommend graduates to study for master’s degrees without taking examinations.

There are 19070 full-time students in the University at present. The University has formed an operation system by keeping undergraduate education and postgraduate education as the mainstay, and devoting strong efforts to develop international students education as well as continuing education. The University is among the second group of colleges and universities that implementing “Excellent Engineer Education Program” of the Ministry of Education, an university building high level sports teams for the nation, a base of sports culture research, a northeast base of continuing education of the Ministry of Railways, and a training base of shipping talents for Dalian as Northeast Asian international shipping hub. In December of 2001, the University established a demonstrative School of Software of Liaoning Province, taking the lead in exploring and practicing a five-year, double-majors interdisciplinary talents education mode as “traditional major + software engineering” in China, and became a “national experimental zone for personnel training model innovation”, an international training (Dalian) base of software talents, and an training base of Japan outsourcing talents in Liaoning Province. At present, we have 32 types of excellent courses at provincial level or above; 6 state and provincial-level engineering practical education centers; 7 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers; and 1 provincial practical education base for college students. 

The University has paid high attention to quality-oriented education over college students and become an advanced unit in term of social practice by college students during summer vacations.

The University has won the Outstanding Organization Awards twice in art shows of college students nationwide. The “Young Marxists Training Project” and other achievements were rated as outstanding achievements of college campus culture construction by the Ministry of Education. In recent three years, our students have won 207 awards in science and technology competitions at state and provincial levels. The University has cultivated more than one hundred thousand graduates since its establishment, which has brought the University a reputation of “the cradle of engineers for China’s rail transport equipment manufacturing”. 


The University positively carries out scientific researches and technical development, and there have been 24 technological platforms at provincial level or above, among which, the Continuous Extrusion Engineering Research Center became the engineering center of the Ministry of Education in 2006 and was approved as a demonstration institution of national technology transfer in 2009.  The Modern Rail Transport Engineering Research Center became a significant scientific platform of higher education institutions in Liaoning province in 2011, and was approved in 2012 by the National Development and Reform Commission to establish the State-local Joint Engineering Research Center of Rail Transport Equipment Design and Manufacturing Technology.  In 2013, the University’s Science and Technology Park was affirmed as a national-level park.

The University has 1097 full-time teachers, among which 153 are professors, 347 associate professors, and 53 doctoral supervisors. Teachers with master’s degrees and doctors degrees account for more than 80% of the total.  One of our teachers is candidate for the state “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, 2 are the “Climbing Scholars” of higher education institutions in Liaoning province, and 3 are distinguished professors of Liaoning Province.  5 teachers are experts with outstanding contributions at provincial and ministerial-level; and 3 are outstanding experts in Liaoning Province.   There are also 1 state-level candidate for “the New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousands Talents Project”, and 43 candidates for Hundred and Thousand Level Candidates of Liaoning Province. 13 teachers in the University enjoy special government allowance of the State Council.  The University also has 2 national outstanding teachers, 7 prominent teachers at provincial and ministerial level, 10 famous teachers of colleges and universities of Liaoning province, and 28 outstanding young backbone teachers of Liaoning Province.  2 teachers are young academic leaders of Liaoning Province, 5 are provincial-level professional foregoers, 3 are leading talents of Dalian City. Six teaching teams are at provincial-level. 


The University adheres to the educational philosophy of running school in an opening way, and actively conducts international and domestic exchanges as well as university-industry collaborations. In recent years, the University has further strengthened the cooperation on talent training, research cooperation, etc. with China Railway Corporation, CSR Corporation Limited, China CNR Corporation Limited, Yuchai Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongxingtong Technology Co., Ltd., etc. and built 14 university-industry cooperation and service platforms, therefore, the University has become an “University-industry Cooperation and Innovation Base of Liaoning Province” and an “Advanced Unit of National University-industry Cooperation”.

In the aspect of international communication, the University successively established a stable cooperative relationship with more than 30 schools and educational research organizations in Australia, America, England, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Canada, Sweden, Germany, etc. and employed more than 100 honorary professors and visiting professors. In 2004, China-Japan Friendship Dalian Center for Human Resource Development settled down in the University. In 2011, the University became a member of the “Sino-American 1+2+1 Dual-Degree Project” launched by China Education Association for International Exchange and China Center for International Educational Exchange. In 2012, the University was formally identified by the Ministry of Education as a college for recruiting international students sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarship. 

Standing on a new historical starting pointing, Dalian Jiaotong University will focus on the modern railway transportation industry, software and information service industry, firmly seize a series of strategic opportunities, such as the construction of innovation-oriented nation, revitalization of old industrial bases in Liaoning Province, the construction of Northeast Asia Shipping Center, and software & information manufacturing bases in Dalian, to implement the medium and long term educational reform and development planning outlines, to fully fulfill the feature development program of the University and the development program of the “12th Five-Year” Plan, to boost the connotation development, and to promote the core competence of the University, and strive hard for building a teaching-research type university with unique features and of high-levels!

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